I saw the harvest moon on an evening walk in Brooklyn the other day (did someone say evening walk?). It was fitting in light of the improved performance of The New Leaf Journal’s most consistent article in terms of attracting visitors, my March 2021 study of the phrase tsuki ga kirei. Back in 2021, it dominated the page view leader-board in May and June before weakening a bit in July and August. To my surprise, it picked up the pace in mid-September 2021, continued gaining steam, and led our view counts for every week until late winter in 2022. This year, the tsuki ga kirei article peaked in March and April before slowing in June, July, and August. After a mediocre start to September, it suddenly returned to its spring pace over the last few days. Is there some reason why my tsuki ga kirei post is less popular in the summer? We will see if it fully repeats the 2022 trend in the coming weeks.