While I have made it clear that I am not a fan of perpetual digital rentals and the current state of digital DRM, often with reference to Steam, I respect quite a bit of what Steam does as a company. It is in no small part owed to Steam that so much of my game library (including non-Steam games) is playable on Linux. Much of Steam’s work is important. Some of Steam’s work is fun, albeit less important. I quote from a recent Nintendo Life report:

If you love being able to sync your Nintendo controllers with new devices and applications, you might be a fan of Valve’s latest update to Steam. The company responsible for hits such as Half-Life, Team Fortress 2 and the Portal series has revealed it’s added support for Nintendo’s Joy-Con controllers in its latest Steam Client beta.

I have a Nintendo Switch. I almost always use the Switch in docked mode (with my television) instead of as a handheld (thus rendering nugatory one of the Switch’s biggest selling-points, I suppose). As a result, I have seldom used the joy-cons, almost always using the Pro Controller or a cheaper controller produced by one of Nintendo’s officially licensed third-party partners. The joy-cons are good for their purposes. I cannot imagine why I would want to opt to use them with a Steam game, but it is neat that Steam is making it possible.