Our original New Leaf Journal categories (you can see an article’s categories at the top of a post) had become un-wieldly.  Some were very small and specific whereas others had a large number of articles on many topics.  I took the first (big) step of completely overhauling our categories and rearranging all 740 (as of yesterday evening) of our articles into new categories.  My next project will be to look at the new, re-organized categories, and determine (A) which ones need to be tweaked and (B) where I can make logical sub-categories to organize meaningful numbers of articles that fall into certain topics.  After completing my category work, I will move on to tags (I deleted about 100 tags yesterday evening to start my work).  In the end, my goal is to make it easier for readers to discover content of interest.  To that effect, I plan to role out special pages with curated article lists in January.