All links at The New Leaf Journal are a shade of blue.  Back in January, I set up the site so that hovering over the links will cause them to turn red (they turned gold before the re-design).  I recently noticed that the hover color change was not always working properly.  I had no idea what the issue was.  I noted in a recent post that the issue is always caching.  The link hover issue was, like many other issues, caching-related.  However, it was a different kind of caching in this place.  I use Cloudron to manage our server.  Cloudron comes with a Redis object cache server.  I connect The New Leaf Journal to our Redis server with the Redis Object Cache plugin.  It generally just works, and I am content to not ask too many questions.  However, I found on one occasion when I had the link hover issue that flushing our Redis cache solved the issue.  Why?  I have no idea.  But  I will remember to check our link hover effect once daily now that I know how easy it is to fix.