This post is for any feed subscribers out there.. please update your feed URL if you want to continue getting Perishable Press articles in your feed reader. Again for those in the back: update the feed URL for Perishable Press if you want to stay subscribed. This is necessary because Google finally has killed the once awesome Feedburner service.

Jeff Starr

I previously wrote about Google’s tendency to kill its services in posts about two services I (almost) never used, Google Bookmarks and Stadia. It now appears that another Google service has died: Feedburner. For those not in the know, Feedburner is (or was?) a free service for serving RSS feeds. We actually have a Feedburner account (it spawned our lesser-known newsletter mascot, Mr. Flame), but I always served our RSS feeds directly and probably have not checked Feedburner since 2020.

Mr. Flame, the official RSS mascot of The New Leaf Journal.
I really should have gone into art.

However, I do subscribe to some Feedburner feeds, one being the feed for Mr. Starr’s Perishable Press. If you serve feeds with Feedburner, consider this a PSA to make sure your feed is working. If any sites you follow have broken Feedburner feeds, check the original websites to make sure that you are not missing updates.

I will use this as an opportunity to endorse Mr. Starr’s Perishable Press as a worthy addition to your feed collection, especially if you spend any time working with WordPress (we use his firewall plugin, BBQ Pro). I previously covered his side-project, Wutsearch, and his thoughts on bad website design choices. If you are not already doing so, consider following our safely Feedburner-less collection of feeds (we currently offer RSS, ATOM, JSON, MF2, and JF2 feeds).

Originally published on January 16, 2023.