From a February 10, 2023 Washington Times report on the Chinese Communist Party’s reaction to some U.S. states moving to limit or ban land purchases by Chinese citizens:

Beijing says proposals in some U.S. states to ban Chinese citizens from buying property within their borders would violate the principles of market economics. The communist government criticized proposed bans in Texas, Florida and Arkansas as the U.S. and China spar over the Chinese spy balloon that floated over the continental U.S.

It is well documented here at The New Leaf Journal that I am not the world’s biggest fan of the Chinese Communist Party.

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But in the spirit of facilitating the sort of “cooperation” that the CCP suddenly touts when it is facing the prospect of U.S. government action that runs contrary to its prerogatives, I extend an olive branch.  If the CCP thinks that I am concerned about its opposition to proposals in Texas and Florida (the two states directly referenced in the article), I have a bridge linking Texas to Florida to sell the CCP. Unfortunately, it looks possible that I will not be able to sell this bridge to the CCP after all (if the bridge exists at all, that is).