From Mr. Brad Linder of Liliputing on February 27, 2023 — “OnePlus plans to sell a ridiculous 45W liquid cooling accessory for smartphone gaming“:

You know what OnePlus [a phone manufacturer] does plan to sell? A 45 watt liquid cooling system that can be attached to the back of just about any phone to bring some serious cooling power. OnePlus hasn’t revealed pricing, availability, or who the heck they think will buy this thing, but the company is showing it off at its MWC booth.

Were I to try to come up with a legitimate use-case for a plug-in liquid cooling system for a phone, I would develop a serious headache (coincidentally, I do have a headache, but that is probably sinuses). However, I saved myself the headache by immediately and summarily concluding that no such use-case exists (I do have a sinus headache, but that is most likely unrelated to the phone liquid cooling system). The solution to your phone over-heating when you are playing games on it is to purchase a device (cheaper than many phones) for playing games. I hear this Nintendo Switch thing is available. Nintendo 3DS still has a great library. How about that Steam Deck?

(Jokes aside, I assume this demo was mostly for fun and that OnePlus will not actually try to market a phone liquid cooling system. I think…)