Re; Did You Know That Pokémon’s HM ‘Cut’ Could Be Used On Tall Grass?
Nintendo Life published an article on an interesting Pokémon HM fact from the early generation games.  Of course, I am a veteran of the original Pokémon games, so I did know the main fact of the article:
From Generations 1 to 3, a Pokémon which knew the HM “Cut” could cut down Tall Grass.
To be sure, this mechanic is not useful.  If you want to avoid wild Pokémon encounters in the original games, it is much simpler and less time-consuming to buy repels.  Moreover, the tall grass trick would not help you in caves or surfing areas.  However, the article did include a fact about cutting tall grass in generation 3 that I do not recall having ever been aware of:
That not only can HM01 in all games from Gens 1-3 can cut down grass but that in Emerald if you use Cut with a Pokemon with Hyper Cutter it extends the range of grass you can cut down for some reason.
Who knew?  While I still do not think that this would be a particularly time-efficient way of avoiding wild
Pokémon encounters, I suppose that using a Pokémon with the Hyper Cutter ability would be a better idea than using one without the ability.  The more you know.