I have never been tempted to buy a second-hand graphics card. But apparently some people feel lucky. While I understand that graphics cards became unusually expensive shortly after I bought my current card, one must consider why they became expensive. A big part of the reason that cards became expensive was because they were being brutalized by crypto miners. Many looked past this and took a swing on used cards, only to find that the cards had short second-hand lifespans.  I found this story on Ambient Irony’s daily links for January 21, 2023. The author, the pseudonymous Pixy Misa, provided sound advice on the matter of used graphics cards:

[B]uying second-hand graphics cards right now is like ordering badgers off eBay: Even if you actually get a badger you’re likely to regret it.

Pixy Misa (Ambient Irony)

I laughed. Good advice. Do not buy second-hand graphics cards.