On June 11, 2023, the New York Post reported that the NYPD has stepped up enforcement against public drinking in 2023. This certainly marks a change from when New York practically tripped over itself encouraging public drinking in 2020. Some public day-drinking fans were less than enthused about the new enforcement posture. The Post quoted a 42-year old Upper West Side (Manhattan) resident. I reprint her quote below:

We pay city income tax here and what do we get for it? The least we could get is the right to drink in the park without being bothered.

No thoughts on people who want to enjoy the park without being surrounded by day-drinkers (especially those with kids). I think we have bars for this, but I digress. Now I quote her again, this time with the Post’s additional commentary:

‘I’ve been drinking in parks for many years,’ Cantwell added, as she juggled her pet Chihuahua and a cup of rosé. ‘I think it should be strongly encouraged.’

That’s a scorching hot take. Not only should public drinking be allowed, but public day-drinking “should be strongly encouraged.” To be sure, this was tried in 2020 and the results were, in my non-chihuahua-owner opinion, less than optimal. I wonder what public policy she would propose for encouraging public day-drinking in parks. Maybe she could model it after the policies to encourage use of a schedule one federally controlled substance (which is doing wonders for New York’s collective IQ and my olfactory sensibilities) and gambling. It is all for the tax coffers.