From Nancy Lasselle’s Washington Novels (Matthew Willis for JSTOR Daily.  April 7, 2023):

Nancy Laselle (née Polke) was born in Indiana in 1806, when the territory was still the “West” and not yet a state in the Union. Her husband, Hyacinth Lasselle, wrangled connections with the Whig Party and newly elected President Zachary Taylor to nab a patronage position in Washington.

Hyacinth is a good name, but not a common name these days. While I have come across Lilly and Violet back in the day, I never came across a Hyacinth (but I have come across many grape hyacinths). I would say that it should make a comeback, but I pity a child these days who has to constantly spell his or her name and explain how it is pronounced. Maybe we are no longer good enough for Hyacinth.