Mr. Ruben Schade published a humorous blog post on March 1, 2023, titled AliExpress anime and electronics comments. I will refer you to his fun post for the specific examples. But he began the highlight with a brief introduction:

But this might be my new favourite. Under what was clearly a knock-off anime figure from either Kaguya-sama or Fate/Grand Order…

I have not spent any time perusing AliExpress’s anime selection. My default assumption would be that all of the anime figures on AliExpress are knockoffs. Is there any other kind? Can you buy an authentic anime figure on AliExpress? It occurred to me while pondering the issue that ordering an anime series DVD or BluRay from there would be kind of exciting. To be fair to AliExpress, however, there are some questionable-looking anime DVDs and BluRays on what is often its non-China front-end, Amazon.

(Note: While I am not into the anime figure market, I will note that Kaguya-sama is a great series. See my discussion of its third season in 2022 anime year in review, where it took the runner-up spot on my year-end ranking (its second season was my 2020 runner-up). I also included the first two seasons as honorable mentions in my 2011-2020 recommended anime series for general audiences.)