From Using FreshRSS to “Like” blog posts via Webmention by Mr. Peter Rukavina:

Although it took some fiddling to make all this happens, now that the fiddling is fiddled, it just works: I click the star in FreshRSS and the favourite appears on this list, in this RSS feed, and, should the blog I favourited the link from support Webmentions, as a “like” on the original post.

Peter Rukavina

Mr. Rukavina set up a somewhat complicated system using a self-hosted FreshRSS instance and a Drupal-based blog to ensure that links he starred in his FreshRSS instance were sent to the site the link came from as Webmention likes. I like the idea behind this, while noting that I do not find Webmention likes themselves interesting. What would be interesting is a traditional RSS reader (with apologies to designated Indieweb readers) with some sort of commenting or decentralized annotation capabilities. To start, adding functionality to a reader would be interesting (in conjunction with a good solution to export annotations so that they are not solely tied to the central server). See my earlier post on commenting on The New Leaf Journal with For those of you who may not be familiar with feeds, see my general introduction.