From a report in Grist:

Typically, when consumer tech companies reach out to lawmakers concerning right-to-repair bills — which seek to make it easier for people to fix their devices, thus saving money and reducing electronic waste — it’s because they want them killed. Plenefisch, however, wanted the committee to know that Microsoft, which is headquartered in Redmond, Washington, was on board with this one, which had already passed the Washington House.

I support repairable electronics. This was one thing that prompted me to purchase the Teracube 2e smartphone (which unfortunately went on to develop call reception issues). However, while it is good to see Microsoft being better on the right to repair issue than certain other companies (cough Apple cough), I would prefer that it focus its energy on fixing its bizarre search engine so that it does not arbitrarily blacklist and de-index independent writing sites while using so-called AI technology to siphon views from the sites it does not de-index.