On April 28, 2023, the New York Post published an article titled NYC Council eyes tying parking ticket fines to people’s income. This is the case of a headline that accurately describes the content of the article. Granting that, I quote the lead proponent of the idea, Brooklyn City Councilman Justin Brannan:

Why should the guy who double-parked his 1988 Toyota pay the same as the guy with the 2024 Bentley?

Justin Brannan

Far be it from me to question the esteemed City Councilman, but I submit that they should pay the same thing because they both double-parked. That is, Mr. 1988 Toyota and Mr. 2024 Bentley committed the same essential parking violation. We are all inconvenienced by the violation regardless of the financial means of the violator.

(I will also submit that I doubt too many people are double-parking their 2024 Bentley in New York City. While I do not drive and in fact avoid cars as much as possible because being in them makes me dizzy, I can confidently assert that double-parking a Bentley in New York City would be unwise, and that being able to purchase a Bentley in the first place suggests that the owner probably has enough money to park it within the safe confines of a garage.)