Nintendo Life asked readers whether they used motion controls in Mario Kart Wii.  I had (probably still have) the plastic steering wheel that came with my copy of Mario Kart Wii.  I gave the motion controls an honest shot with and without the wheel, but I never got the hang of it.  Thus, I played Mario Kart Wii with the regular Wii remote-nunchuk combo.  I was generally decent at Mario Kart Wii, but great on one course — Nintendo 64 Sherbet Land.  What is odd is that I do not recall being particularly good at Sherbet Land in Mario Kart 64, but for whatever reason I was very good at drifting around the main ice section in the Wii version.  On one occasion in 2008 or 2009, I played someone online who was much better than me.  I was being summarily destroyed, so I decided to test my luck and see if I was really good at Sherbet Land.  Sure enough, despite losing just about everywhere else, I could win on the ice.

(PS:  For someone who has written about first-hand memories of 1999 Pokémon urban legends and solo games in the original Mario Party, it is a bit dark to think that Mario Kart Wii may be too old school for some of Nintendo Life’s readers to remember.)