From Greenpointers (see article):

Luckily, the MTA recently announced a new rollout of subway service enhancements, starting this month. Weekend service will be enhanced starting with the G, J, and M lines. The MTA aims for midday 8-minute service on the G-train starting in December. 

I have not taken the New York City Subway in several years. I used to take it more regularly (including for 12.5 years from middle school through college). My path seldom crossed with the G-Train, which runs only in parts of Brooklyn and Queens. My G-Train knowledge was so deficient that I only learned as an adult that the G-Train is unusually short. I think I took it for the first time with my friend and NLJ colleague, Victor V. Gurbo, when we were returning from Bushwick, Brooklyn (I covered the second time I found myself in Bushwick in a 2021 article). If you stand at the end of a regular-sized MTA Subway platform, you may find yourself speed-walking to find your car.