The first season of the Bottom-Tier Character Tomozaki anime aired in 2021. While I did not include it among my top-five anime series of 2021, it earned the following honorable mention note:

The main character, Fumiya Tomozaki, was a social outcast at school and the best player in the world at a game that was totally not Super Smash Brothers. He learned that the most popular girl in the school, Aoi Hinami, was the second best player at not-Super Smash Brothers. She was offended that she was losing to someone who did not care about life, so she took it upon himself to whip him into shape. Tomozaki ended up being better than I expected. It was let down a bit by its “girl of the week” structure, but Tomozaki himself proved to be a strong character who not only grew during the show, but also began to think about what living well meant to him and how that was different from the views of Hinami. I hope that it gets a second season.

See the pertinent part in bold. News just came out that Tomozaki is indeed receiving a second season, although the date is not yet determined. Based only on the first season of the anime (I have not read the source-material), I am interested in the second season and I think that it could be more interesting than the first. I suppose we will find out in the near-ish future.