I came across a Nintendo Life article with a promising title, Nintendo Improves Switch eShop’s Search Function With Small QoL Update. I only once wrote about eShop here at The New Leaf Journal to demonstrate how to disable Google Analytics in its settings. I took the opportunity in that article to offer a brief digression about the Switch eShop:

[N]avigating the Switch Shop on a Switch is a painful process (Nintendo’s servers do not seem to be up to modern standards).

The Switch eShop is slow. Painfully slow. It struggles to keep up if you try to read through its offerings at a reasonable pace (or even a slow one). What is the fix that Nintendo Life speaks of?

If you head over to the Switch eShop, you’ll see a new update to the storefront has improved the video game search function. Instead of one column, there are now two columns of search results when you enter a keyword.

On one hand, this could lead to less scrolling through the Switch eShop, which tends to cause it to choke. On the other hand, I have a bad feeling that displaying more things on screen will make the storefront perform even worse than before.