Pixy Misa of Ambient Irony on a Tech Crunch article on Bluesky and one Mastodon app pushing algorithmic feeds after the launch of Instagram’s Threads app:

You will eat the bugs. You will live in the pod. You will read what we tell you. You will own nothing and we don’t much care if you are happy.

Pixy Misa (see source)

This is a good use of the World Economic Forum-inspired meme about how some people want the masses to own nothing and be happy. Threads, a product of Facebook (or Meta, whatever) appears to be aggressively pushing algorithmic feeds at the expense of giving users the ability to simply follow posts from the accounts they follow. If you want to control your feed in a way that Facebook and Twitter (or X?) to not allow, I recommend using RSS feeds (I also recommend a feed of good articles over relying on alternatives to Meta and X such as Mastodon or Substack). You can learn about feeds here. Some will argue that only following your own curated feed collection puts you in a bubble and hinders your ability to discover content outside your feeds. I provided my own answer to this problem by advocating for combining a feed reader with a read-it-later solution. If you do use feeds, make sure to add our feeds (or our combined feed).