On March 18, 2023, the New York Post reported on problems on the recently launched modern R211 New York City Subway cars:

Vagrants, junkies, smokers, drinkers and other scofflaws are already defiling the subway system’s newest, $27 million train, less than a week after it debuted on the A line.

I have not been on the Subway in a while (as a law-abiding individual, my enthusiasm for paying the $2.75 fare while New York City prosecutors refuse to enforce laws against theft of public services is low), but this sounds about right. You unveil a new Subway line and people who live on the Subways make their home there. What did they expect? Apparently some people expected something different to happen. One rider expressed his or her shock:

I was expecting them to sleep on the older ones, not this new one.

Why in the world would anyone have expected that?