From a CNBC report:

Vince McMahon’s World Wrestling Entertainment is in advanced talks to be sold to Ari Emanuel’s Endeavor Group, the parent company of UFC, according to people familiar with the matter.

I was never interested in the WWE (or the WWF, as it was called when I was a kid), although I had many classmates who were very much into it.  Similarly, I was never interested in the UFC despite the fact that I followed boxing.  However, I find this story interesting.  While the UFC has the full assortment of combat sports theatrics, it presents authentic competition.  While all of the WWE entertainers are genuinely impressive athletes, the competition is scripted.  When you factor in the ubiquity of sports gambling and the fears of match rigging (I am not sure how judging controversies and whatnot in the UFC compare to boxing, being more familiar with the latter), I have to think that UFC-WWE cross promotions would require a deft branding touch.