I came across an interesting post by Mr. Leon Paternoster on his personal blog about using a feed reader (here NetNewsWire) to follow social media streams from Twitter (requires some tinkering) and Mastodon (produces ATOM feeds natively). Despite having written a post on Pixelfed ATOM feeds back in 2021, I do not have any social feeds in my current feed collection. Although Mr. Paternoster set up a system for segregating social feeds from meatier content, I largely agree with this assessment:

Your social media posts will seem like junk compared to your “proper” blogs, and it soon becomes frustraing dismissing dozens of more or less meaningless tweets or toots just to reach the odd fully formed post.

Indeed. For those of you who are interested, Mr. Paternoster offers good tips, but I have no personal interest in following Twitter and Mastodon feeds in my feed reader. Many of the interesting people who I would follow publish longer-form content elsewhere (this is why I stopped using Fritter, a very good FOSS Twitter front-end for Android). Pixelfed (think federated Instagram) fits better in the feed paradigm, except the feed content is not terribly well-formatted in my reader (last I checked).

(Note: I do have a few YouTube feeds in my feed reader if you want to be technical and count that as social.)