On April 22, 2023, the New York Post published a report titled Crazed man arrested for attack on walker in Central Park: NYPDI have long thought that reporters over-use terms like crazed when discussing criminality in order to remove agency from violent criminals.  For that reason, I correctly suspected that the so-called crazed man was careful in choosing his target.  From the report:

The woman, 55, was walking along the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir just before 6 a.m. when Garcia allegedly tried to talk to her and then assaulted her, ‘banging her head against a tree multiple times,’ police said.

Of course.  The so-called crazed man selected, of all people, a 55-year old woman walking her dog.  He ensured she was alone and then violently assaulted her.  We are presented with no evidence that he was crazed at all.  It seems to me that it is at least as likely that he is a non-crazed violent thug who targeting isolated women who would be unlikely to be able to fight back.  But I am sure if he is as crazed as the headline writers and reporters want us to believe that he could have just as easily picked a fight with a young man his own size or larger.  It was pure chance he just happened to beat up a lone 55-year old woman.