I wrote about the discontinuation of Google’s Stadia, a game streaming service, back in the context of game ownership. In that post, I noted I only learned about Stadia with the news that it was no more, so I approached it from a broad view rather than a personal one. Since I did not know what Stadia was when it lived, it should come as no surprise that I never had a Stadia controller. However, Mr. Michael Larabel of Phoronix reported on good news for Stadia controller owners:

Google engineers on the Chromium team have been working on ‘hid-google-stadiaff’ as a kernel module to enable the rumble-based force-feedback for the Google Stadia controller. This controller has been working on Linux already both via Bluetooth and USB wired connectivity via the existing HID code albeit not with force feedback unless the application engages the raw HID ‘hidraw’ interface directly.

Good for Google for working to enhance support for its Stadia controllers on Linux. Using old controllers with computers is a subject I have some interest in, so you can expect to see some articles about controllers in my own collection in the future.