From Crunchyroll:

Despite the dramatic cliffhanger we were left to deal with two months ago, Sugar Apple Fairy Tale continues to dazzle and delight ahead of its much-anticipated return this July, today unveiling a brand-new key visual and theme song info for Season 2.

I watched the first season of the Sugar Apple Fairy Tale anime last season (winter 2023). The art style, which reminds me of one of my favorite all-time anime series, 2012’s Humanity Has Declined, is appealing. My impressions were otherwise a bit mixed. The anime, which features a young woman who just lost her mother, Anne Halford, embarking on her journey to become a master confectioner with an abrasive war fairy named Challe, has its moments (and many nefarious men trying to murder, frame, or otherwise undercut Anne). It gives the feeling of a series that very much wants to be good, but it is let down by occasionally uneven pacing and heavy-handed story-telling. The cliff-hanger ending referenced in the quoted passage was unfortunate in that it undercut much of the character development that went into Anne’s and Challe’s relationship, even granting that Challe’s actions leading to said cliffhanger were intelligible. It will get its second season in July (non-consecutive seasons in the same year is unusual, but far from unprecedented — see Spy X Family last year). While I do not see it seriously threatening my year-end 2023 top six (see 2021 and 2022 lists and my 2023 early impressions), a solid second season should be enough to earn honorable mention status at a minimum.