I has been a while since I last posted pigeon photo content here at The New Leaf Journal (unless we count dove photo content). I had some business to attend to in Manhattan on the morning of September 8, 2022. This is unfortunate because I consider having to go to Manhattan to be inherently unfortunate (except in the case of a journey). However, I felt that my misfortune was mildly ameliorated when I came across a pigeon posing for my Teracube 2a phone camera on a sill:

Pigeons are not always (or often) cooperative photo subjects. This gentlepigeon, however, was quite content to stand and have its photo taken. I took a few photos and chose this striking profile shot for publication in the pages of the instant humble online writing magazine. While this pigeon is not the most colorful pigeon, there is something to be said for actually cooperating with the photographer. In that respect, this fine bird is rivaled only by the pigeon drinking from a puddle which I featured here two years ago.