Today is the first day of July. We can expect hot weather and sunny conditions here in the Northern Hemisphere. Cars left outside for long periods can bake in the sun, especially if there is nothing blocking the bright light from pouring through the windows. For this reason, many car owners opt to use windshield sunshades to keep their cars from turning into ovens while they attend to out-of-car business. Not every such car owner, however, uses a Minion windshield sunshade.

Photograph of a car with a Minion windshield sunshade in Downtown Brooklyn NY.
I took the photo with the Open Camera App on my Motorola Moto e6 phone. Victor V. Gurbo edited it for publication.

I encountered the Minion windshield sunshade on May 17, 2021. The car was parked just outside the historic Federal Building and Post Office in Downtown Brooklyn – a magisterial building with a much grander exterior than interior. You can see the approximate location on the following map.

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In the photo, my back is to the Downtown Brooklyn post office. You can see the Korean War Veterans Plaza behind the Citi Bike rack – a park that is not always maintained with the rigor that it should be – especially in light of its purpose.

But I digress.

The minion face makes for a good windshield sunshade – although the Minion could use some sunglasses. Who is watching whom? Am I watching the Minion? Or is the Minion watching me?

This is not the only piece of Minion content in store. I took a photo of an amusing inflatable Minion Halloween lawn decoration in 2018. I meant to include it in my series of Halloween articles last year. Unfortunately, by the time I remembered, it was almost December. Minion fans have something to look forward to this October.