I walked to the Noguchi Museum in Long Island City, Queens, with a friend on March 16, 2024. By ‘walked,’ I mean I walked to and from the museum from Brooklyn. Including detours this trip covered 18.3 miles. But this article is not about my walk – but about a magnolia flower. Well before the magnolia – allow me to introduce the museum.

The Noguchi Museum hosts the sculptures of Isamu Noguchi (1904-1988). It includes a scenic outdoor sculpture garden. While some of the sculptures are neat, I already spoiled that this article is about the foliage in the garden.

Photograph of a magnolia flower on a tree with two magnolias and a brick wall in the background -- taken by N.A. Ferrell at the Noguchi Museum's Sculpture Garden.
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This very pretty magnolia tree sits at one end of the garden. As you can see – most of the flowers were not yet blooming, but I was fortunate to find the one flower at the center of the above photo that was in full bloom. I dare say this is a nice flower photo by my modest photography standards – especially with the two out-of-focus magnolias in the background. The brick building on the left side of the museum is of course the museum itself. I believe (do not hold me to it) that the window you see is connected to the very nice and surprisingly reasonably priced gift shop.

This is just a photo post – so I do not have much to add about the magnolias. I will note however that this is my second magnolia post here at The New Leaf Journal after I used a magnolia photo I took at Brooklyn Bridge Park to illustrate a September 2020 article about the gardens of Cyrus the Younger.