In February 2021, I published my photos of a pigeon struggling eat while standing on a small limb of an overgrown weed. While walking in Brooklyn Bridge Park on December 12, 2022, I came across a pretty multi-colored pigeon trying to eat berries from a small tree or bush. I say trying because the small limbs of the tree were not quite sturdy enough to support the weight of the fair bird. Because the pigeon was fighting a lengthy, somewhat successful battle, I had plenty of time to photograph wildlife in action in Brooklyn, New York. Unfortunately, most of my photos did not come out well, even with the benefit of ex post de facto upscaling, but the scene was interesting enough to publish some of the photographs despite their lack of quality.

First, I took a few photos without zooming in.

A pigeon on a small bush in Brooklyn Bridge Park.
What is that bird on the tree just right off center? Note that the bridge in the background to the right is New York City’s Manhattan Bridge, which I published several articles about.
Pigeon adjusting its footing on a small tree growing berries.
It’s a pigeon? It had to re-adjust its position after almost falling.
Pigeon adjusting its footing on a small tree growing berries.
The struggle continues. However, note the pigeon’s pretty gray and white pattern.

I zoomed in a bit for the rest of the photos. All of the photos are published in the order I took them.

Pigeon eating berries while upside down on a small bush.
Acrobatic pigeon — upside-down berry eating.
Pigeon looking at berries on a small bush.
The pigeon found its footing well enough to think about which berry to eat.
Pigeon adjusting its footing on a small branch.
If you focus on the pigeon’s feet — specifically what it is standing on — you can understand its struggle.
Pigeon looking at berries to eat.
Can this end well?
Pigeon eating berries on bush while losing its balance.
Pigeon losing its balance as it eats berries.
Pigeon eating berries from bush while flapping.
Pigeon in action!

After taking my last photo (seen above), I left the pigeon to continue its acrobatic breakfast. The pigeon was still eating when I last saw it. As I walked away, I noted a few sturdier looking plants growing berries that may have been more amenable to a bird of the size of our pigeon friend. But for whatever reason, the pigeon seemed set on these particular berries.