UPDATE (10/5/22): The Pixelfed embed functionality described below no longer works. I am keeping the post published for historical purposes. If you want an easy way to follow my Pixelfed content without bookmarking the link or making an account, see my post on Pixelfed Atom feeds.

On November 13, 2015, I published an admittedly early review of Pixelfed, a decentralized, privacy-friendly federated alternative to Instagram. I suggested in my Pixelfed review that I mighy publish a follow-up review in the future. The idea became more appealing when I saw my Pixelfed review stay among our most-read articles since it was published. However, other than noting that Pixelfed’s main and largest instance, pixelfed.social, has improved greatly in handling spam and has improved in some small ways, my impressions of Pixelfed are largely similar to what I wrote in November 2020. Instead of restating the opinions expressed in my early Pixelfed review, I decided to publish an article wherein you can follow my Pixelfed posts – which largely consist of better versions of my New Leaf Journal photos. Behold, an embedded version of my entire profile at pixelfed.social:

(April 1, 2022 Update: Link no longer works.)

The above embed will show my nine most-recent Pixelfed posts. If you click on any of the posts, you will be taken to the post page at pixelfed.social, where you will find my full commentary and any comments from other Pixelfed users. To see more of my posts, you can click “View More Posts” at the bottom of the embed to see my full Pixelfed profile. Please remember that this embed is for my live profile, so if you enjoy the content but do not necessarily want to join pixelfed.social yourself, you can bookmark this page to stay abreast of my Pixelfed doings.

For those of you who use feed readers (I hope that describes all of you), see my earlier post about how to follow my (or any other) Pixelfed profile with its atom feed (my Pixelfed atom feed is also listed in our Feed Directory).