I frequently check the wares at an antique and collectibles store called Yesterday’s News in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn. Less frequently, I actually buy something. Early last week, I went inside and came across a very pretty canvas with pressed flowers and pressed butterfly wings. The myriad colors and quality caught my attention, and it was in relatively good condition. Furthermore, it was only $8. Satisfied that I could never recreate it nor was I likely to come across anything similar, I purchased it. You can see a scan of the canvas below – please forgive me for my middling scanning skills.

Scan of pressed flowers and butterfly on canvas.
The scan sadly flattens the image. The pressed flowers pop quite a bit off the canvas.

As you may notice in the bottom left, the artwork is signed. Sadly, I cut off the very edge of the image when I scanned, but after three attempts, I decided that it was good enough. The letter that was cut off is a J. I am guessing that the signature is for a J. Radocy, although I cannot say that I am entirely sure. If you have an alternative view, by all means let me know through our Guestbook. I doubt that the artist is famous, but he or she put together a very pretty canvas.

The canvas measures 8×10, and the back shows that it was made by Fredrix. Since Fredrix’s selling point is that it has been around since 1868, this does not provide much evidence as to when these particular flowers and butterfly wings were pressed.

While I do not know much about the humble canvas’ backstory, the colors and flowers pop quite nicely. I look forward to finding a frame for it so I can hang it in my room in the near future. If I ever learn more about it, I will post an update here at The New Leaf Journal.