Last week, I covered a walk across the Hamilton Avenue Footbridge from Red Hook to Carroll Gardens in Brooklyn. I returned to the Footbridge not too long after the walk I chronicled in my article. However, on the post-article walk, I went from Carroll Gardens to Red Hook. One of the notable buildings not too far from the entrance/exit of the Footbridge on the Red Hook side is the Brooklyn Motor Inn. It stands out because there is a largely unobstructed view of the building’s prominent logo from the edge of Carroll Gardens and Columbia Street Waterfront District. Moreover, it sits at the corner of one of the more accessible Hamilton Avenue crossings. When I approached the building after having exited the Hamilton Avenue Footbridge at Hamilton and Luquer, I noted some pretty roses growing in front of the less-than-aesthetic Inn building.

Red roses growing in front of the Brooklyn Motor Inn on Hamilton Avenue in Red Hook, Brooklyn.

While the Inn does not have the prettiest building or best location, it does take very nice care of its property. The red roses are just the right color – I wonder what they would look like in the evening. I re-touched the photo a bit to try to adjust the colors and specifically bring out the red of the roses.