A couple days after Brooklyn was blanketed by snow from Winter Storm Gail, but before the snow began to melt in earnest, I came across a snowman with a one-eyed frog hat and scarf. I think that I took the picture in Carroll Gardens, but it may have been in Cobble Hill. In any event, it would be impossible for me to confirm at this late stage for reasons that need not be stated.

Picture of a snowman with a frog hat and scarf taken by N.A. Ferrell in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn.
I took this picture of the snowman with a one-eyed frog hat and scarf with the Open Camera App on my BlackBerry Classic.

Victor V. Gurbo Suggests the Snowman is “Pure Evil”

Those who read image captions here at The New Leaf Journal will have likely noticed that my colleague, Victor V. Gurbo, retouches the images that I take in order to make them amenable to publication. In most cases, Victor will add an “a” to the file name of the retouched image so that I can quickly distinguish his revised image from the original. I uploaded snowman with a one-eyed frog hat and scarf in a batch with several other images that I had taken recently along with two photos from 2007 and 2008. Victor appended “a” to the end of the file names for every photo except the snowman with a one-eyed frog hat and scarf.

Victor added “pureevil” to the end of the snowman image file name.

Is the Snowman with a One-Eyed Frog Hat Pure Evil?

I took the picture of the snowman because it is not every day that you see a snowman wearing a child’s frog hat. Rarer still is a snowman wearing a child’s one-eyed frog hat. I did not think more deeply about the matter, and I certainly never contemplated that when my eyes met the frog hat’s one eye, I was looking at “pure evil” manifest.

What do you think? Am I right in viewing this as an unusual and amusing snowman? Is Victor right that the snowman was “pure evil”? Or, perhaps you think that this is an example of the “ugly” or “creepy” cute concept?