As we approach Halloween, people put out Halloween decorations while I continue to be slow about posting my promised Halloween-themed video game reviews. That last part was not relevant to the instant content. This article is about an inflatable happy Halloween ghost. But before I can show you the ghost, I must first offer some commentary.

The fact that Halloween is supposed to be a spooky occasion is no excuse for tastelessness. Sadly, many people opt for tastelessness in their Halloween décor. Skeletons are arrayed as to make a mockery of the dead. Things are hanging from trees. Worst of all, I have seen a life-sized, realistic-looking human mannequin, in an electric chair that actually powers on, creating special effects. Parents should be able to go on a walk with their children without having to worry about avoiding execution-themed Halloween decorations. Furthermore, even if there were no children to think of, the adults could have a tiny bit of taste.

Having noted the bad, let us instead focus on the good. While I was out walking one evening, I saw a happy-looking inflatable ghost standing in a doorway, seeming to offer visitors an inflatable pumpkin. The happy Halloween ghost had a light blue glow, making it oddly aesthetic for what was probably a relatively cheap inflatable decoration – not that I do not have an affinity for some similar decorations. While I did not have my new camera on me – to be debuted soon at The New Leaf Journal – I took a shot at capturing the happy ghost with my BlackBerry Classic. All things considered, the picture came out relatively well for a nighttime picture taken with a relatively old phone. It looks all the better now after Victor had a chance to edit it.

An inflatable happy Halloween ghost seen in Brooklyn Heights.
I took this picture of a happy inflatable Halloween ghost in Brooklyn Heights with my BlackBerry Classic. Edited for publication by Victor V. Gurbo.

The happy Halloween ghost stands as proof that Halloween can be fun without being ugly. One could even find genuinely spooky decorations that do not cross the line into dreadful taste. If people want to enjoy gory entertainment for Halloween, they are free to do so in the comfort of their own home. They need not, however, subject all pedestrian passers-by and children to it.