Well-designed traffic signs are made such that they are visible to drivers at night. To be sure, a traffic sign could hardly be effective if it was obscure to drivers in the lowest-visibility hours. But today I will discuss night-visible traffic signs in a different context – the context of the fallen sign. Behold, a downed one-way sign at the corner of Clinton and State Streets in Brooklyn Heights (taken on an evening walk on June 2, 2021).

A downed one-way sign in Brooklyn Heights shines in the dark at night thanks to its high-visibility exterior.
I took the photo with the Open Camera App on my Motorola Moto e6 phone. Victor V. Gurbo edited the photo for publication.

This is the second time that we have covered downed signs in scenic Brooklyn Heights – albeit Clinton and State is right near the Brooklyn Heights-Cobble Hill border at the comparatively less scenic Atlantic Avenue. Much like the first Brooklyn Heights downed sign(s) incident, this poor one way sign was brought down due to construction work instead of an accident. I thought that its high-visibility texture gave off an interesting effect in this night-time photo. You can see that the sign is down, but little else. It’s as if the sign floats.