One of my favorite Brooklyn neighborhoods, Vinegar Hill, is one of Brooklyn’s smallest neighborhoods. Vinegar Hill is situated between the more well-known DUMBO and the Brooklyn Navy Yard. Power plants and water stations separate Vinegar Hill from the water, robbing it of the river views seen in DUMBO. Much of Vinegar Hill is unremarkable, but Hudson Avenue – perhaps the shortest “Avenue” that I am aware of in Brooklyn, is the highlight. Hudson Avenue has a well-maintained cobblestone street lined with aesthetic houses and storefronts. If one takes a tiny segue off Hudson, he or she can see the beautiful Commandant’s House on Evans Street before circling back to Hudson Avenue. Below, you will find a picture that I took of Hudson Avenue on May 5, 2020:

Photo of the cobblestone street and old houses of Hudson Avenue in Vinegar Hill, Brooklyn.
My photo of Hudson Avenue. I took the photo with my Nikon D40 DLSR camera. Victor V. Gurbo retouched the photo for publication.

I took this picture on Hudson Avenue between Plymouth Street and Evans Street.

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It offers a good look at some of the lovely old buildings – with very nice paint jobs – and the cobblestone street. Hudson Avenue is quaint, quiet, and quite pretty. The street has shade, but the sun flits through just as it does on the opening stretch of the Manhattan Bridge on the Manhattan side. One can briefly forget that he or she is in New York City.