I published two examples of dinosaur Christmas decorations in Brooklyn, one in December 2020 and the second in January 2021. Until today, I never posted a dragon Christmas decoration, although I did write a brief article about an inflatable dragon that was set out for Halloween and/or Thanksgiving. But today – the lack of Christmas dragon content at The New Leaf Journal has been fixed. Behold – the Christmas dragon of Gowanus:

An inflatable Christmas dragon with a Santa hat and candy cane seen in Gowanus, Brooklyn.
I took the photo on December 16, 2021, with the Open Camera App on my Teracube 2e. Victor V. Gurbo edited it for publication.

Lest one were to doubt that the inflatable dragon was put out for Christmas, it is wearing a Santa hat and has a candy cane in its mouth. This is, clearly and beyond doubt, a Christmas dragon. It is strange. What do dragons have to do with Christmas? But is it stranger than Christmas dinosaurs? I think not. What of Christmas unicorns, which I noted have become strangely common as of late? It’s certainly not stranger than Christmas unicorns (perhaps it is at parity with the unicorns in terms of strangeness).

The residence neighboring the inflatable Christmas dragon had an inflatable nativity scene. While there is nothing more in accord with Christmas than a nativity scene, the existence of inflatable nativity scenes raises an important question about whether there are some things that are not amenable to being inflatables.

However, I did not write this article to address the weighty topic of whether some things are best in non-inflatable form. Merry Christmas from the endearing-yet-nonsensical inflatable dragon of Gowanus.