In early February, I posted an article about a bike buried in the snow. By late February, most of the snow had melted. Now, as Brooklyn looks forward to temperatures in the 60s this week, nearly all of the February snow has melted. The last snowy holdouts are residual snow mounds on shady blocks and a few patches in untouched front-yards.

While we appreciate many kinds of weather conditions here at The New Leaf Journal, I cannot say that I am not looking forward to not having to scale snowbanks for a while. Having to watch one’s step on the snow and ice is tiring, after all.

Since it snowed often from December to February, I thought that I ought to tempt fate and give the snow a proper sendoff. Below, you will find two two picture of objects sitting near melting snow. We begin witha mint bike before we conclude with a discarded chair.

The Mint Bike in the Melting Snow

A mint bike sitting in the midst of snow in Brooklyn's Columbia Street Waterfront District.
As advertised – a mint bike in the snow. I took this picture with my KODAK Digital Still Camera in late February.

Unlike the February bike, this mint-colored bike is not buried in the snow. I know not whether the snow melted around the bike or that patch of snow had already melted when someone locked his or her bike there. That aside, the color of the bike is very refreshing. Aesthetic bike. Let us hope whoever rides it follows applicable rules and regulations relating to bike-riding.

The Discarded Chair on Pacific Street

A discarded chair in fine condition sitting on Pacific Street in Brooklyn on a February evening.
I took this picture of a lonely chair on Pacific Street on a February evening with my KODAK Digital Still Camera.

It has been a while since I posted discarded furniture content. One evening a couple of days after I found the mint bike, I came across a chair left out for the taking on Pacific Street in Brooklyn. Because this side of the block was shady, a bit of snow was hanging in along the edge of the sidewalk, but it was no trouble for the chair. All things considered, the chair looked like it was in good shape. I hope it found a nice home.