On June 14, 2020, I took a a number of photographs in Red Hook and Columbia Street Waterfront District with my BlackBerry Classic camera. One of those photos of an End sign has already been featured here in The New Leaf Journal. The most peculiar photo from the day was undoubtedly a red truck in Red Hook, piled high with stuff:

A red truck piled high with boards, mattresses, tarps, and a bicycle - see in Red Hook, Brooklyn.
I took the photo with my BlackBerry Classic. Retouched for publication by Victor V. Gurbo. See the full resolution version on Pixelfed.

What’s the story here? Boards, covered by non-matching tarps, extend the truck’s storage space. There seem to be mattresses on top of the pile (I think, at least). Why is there a bike hanging out of the truck’s sky-high storage? What is going on here?

I see few clues in the picture – and I recall having seen no clues at the time. I do note upon inspecting the photo that the date “6-4-20” is written on the door of the truck. What happened on June 4, 2020? Someone must have written the date – 10 days before the photo – for some reason. What was that reason? I could – and can –only speculate. Perhaps they enjoyed Victor’s original composition, posted here at The New Leaf Journal on that date.

I do not recall the exact location of the red truck in Red Hook, but I can say with absolute certainty that it was within 15 minutes’ walking distance from the End sign, which I was able to pinpoint with more certainty. How am I so sure? I took the End sign photo at 12:50 PM and the red truck photo at 1:05 PM.

It checks out.

Whether the over-filled red truck checks out, however, is a different matter.