Back in June 2020, I posted an article about the profound philosophy of “the-man-with-the-hose.” I followed that up recently with a post on a nineteenth century hose contraption. Today I present to you a very short story that hearkens back to my man-with-the-hose piece.

Illustration of a hose from a 1944 War Department manual on flamethrowers.
This may look like a simple garden hose to the uninitiated. However, this photo is from “War Department Technical Manual TM 3-376A: Portable Flamethrower M2-2″ – available here. Let me state for the record that my short story is about water hoses, not fire hoses.

I Noticed That The Sidewalk Gleamed…

I noticed that the sidewalk gleamed.

Why then did the man with the hose persist in cleaning that which was already clean.

Did he not understand the phrase “this clean and no cleaner”?

The man with the hose kindly stopped for me as I approached.

He tipped his hat and I nodded back.

The man with the hose resumed his spray as soon as it was safe to do.

When I heard the water in the background, the mindset of that man became clear to me.


I verily believe that the man with the hose was as serene as his sidewalk was clean.