A haiku about a simultaneous blue jay and black squirrel sighting.  It was entered and captured from a TI-89 graphing calculator.
Haiku typed on TI-89 graphing calculator. Captured using TI Connect software.

The above back-of-the-napkin haiku accompanies an earlier article that I posted about a simultaneous blue jay and black squirrel sighting in Boerum Hill, Brooklyn.  I entered the haiku into my TI-89 graphing calculator and captured it using TI Connect software.

Back in high school, I used my TI-89 to create a title card for the school newspaper.  For whatever reason, I find the TI-89 screen captures endearing.  Like many TI-89s, my school calculator fell victim to the ravages of battery acid.  Not letting that deter me, I found a reasonably priced quality used TI-89 on Ebay.  Having finally installed TI-89 Connect software on my laptop, I thought a haiku would be a good test case for The New Leaf Journal.

Going forward, you will be able to find articles with TI-89 captures by following the TI-89 Capture tag.

Boerum Blue Jay and Black Squirrel

Blue jay lands on fence
black squirrel scampers below
a single moment

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Update 10/6/22: I published a post featuring a photo of a Brooklyn black squirrel from 2022.