I published my April 2023 photo of a duck on a pier at Brooklyn Bridge Park on April 28, 2023. On May 2, 2023, I published my April 26, 2007 photo of a Brooklyn Botanic Garden rose. Having not posted an article in a few days, I decided to combine parts of those two posts into one. Behold, we return to 2007 for my March 27, 2007 photo of two ducks standing on a rock at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden:

Photograph of two ducks standing by a pond at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. You can see ripples in the water from the rain drops. This photo was taken on March 27, 2007.

As I noted in the rose article, I took many photos at the Botanic Garden on March 27, 2007, with my Nikon D40 DLSR camera. You can evidence in the pond in the duck photo that it had started to drizzle (probably good weather for ducks). According to the time stamp, I took this photo at 11:48 in the morning.

Unfortunately, I do not have any story attached to the duck photo like I do to the rose photo (other than noting that I used Upscayl to somewhat restore the Google Photos-compressed version of my photo to its former glory). I did not have a big zoom lens on my camera (I submit as evidence my 2021 photo of a falcon on the Queensboro Bridge taken with the same camera), however, so I was lucky to be able to make my way close to the ducks for a good shot. Something tells me there were ducklings in their future (I hope no storm drains, however).