I have written many articles about street signs in Brooklyn, most commonly of the fallen (and in rare cases, leaning) variety. Two of my fallen things articles featured three fallen stop signs in the aggregate, with two being situated near the border of Brooklyn Heights. Today I present another stop sign in Brooklyn Heights. But this stop sign is not fallen. Instead, this standing stop sign is upside-down.

An upside-down stop sign seen at the corner of Orange Street and Columbia Heights in Brooklyn Heights.
I took this photo in June 2022 with the Open Camera App on my Teracube 2e phone. I tried to retouch the image on my own – hence the questionable result.

I happened across this humble upside-down stop sign at the corner of Orange Street and Columbia Heights in Brooklyn Heights, not far from the location of a 2007 photo that I used for a guest article about a certain actor moving into the area. For those who are somewhat familiar with the area, the Brooklyn Heights Promenade is just beyond the large brick building and fence in the background.

But I digress. Why is the stop sign upside-down?

Unfortunately, I have less of an idea of why the stop sign is upside-down than I did about why a certain stop sign in Vinegar Hill was entirely downed. There is significant construction going on just outside of the frame on the building on the corner adjacent to the stop sign. Moreover, the brick building in the background has been the site of a construction project for many years. But does that have anything to do with the peculiar orientation of the stop sign? I have doubts.