Last week, Victor posted about beginning the process of creating a new video game with RPG Maker MV, Jingzi Jingzi. This week, I right to report that I bore witness to the progress that Victor has been making. To be sure, there is plenty of work left to be done, but I will note some of the interesting features that he implemented and what we can look forward to.

Character in Victor V. Gurbo's Jingzi Jingzi prototype informs the player that he has not been programmed yet.
Some psychic, Victor.

Victor’s game takes place in a quaint island village. In an idea inspired by Jorge Luis Borges‘s “The Book of Imaginary Beings,” the player learns that there are demons trying to break into the world through certain mirrors. Using in-game cues, the player has a limited amount of time to locate all of the mirror portals and subdue the would-be intruders. During the daytime, the player can mark suspect mirrors for entry during the “twilight hour,” a mysterious time during the night when things become strange.

Player in Victor V. Gurbo's Jingzi Jingzi prototype makes the mark of the Yellow Emperor on a mirror.
Did I mark the correct mirror?

Because there are no people out during the Twilight Hour, it is possible to do things during that strange time that would be impossible during the day.

Player in Victor V. Gurbo's Jingzi Jingzi prototype encounters a mysterious character during the Twilight Hour.
Well… almost no people are out during The Twilight Hour.

I enjoyed playing through Victor’s very early demo and learning how to unlock the secrets that he is working on. We discussed ideas for the project, and I can say with certainty that now that he has developed a base to work from, he is planning some interesting features and game-play elements for your enjoyment.

At the moment, we still hope to have a demo version available for people to try later this month or by early November. Sometime within the next two weeks or so, we will provide more resources for learning about the project and offer information about how interested readers will be able to download a demo of the game and take on Victor’s adventure themselves.