I took a good number of pictures on an evening walk on May 19, 2021. Some of those pictures have appeared in articles. Thus far, I published images chronicling my walk across the Summit Street Bridge, a miniature stop sign, and a weathered tree stump. Minutes before I took those photos, I took a picture of a blue vespa in Columbia Street Waterfront District:

Photograph of a blue vespa in Columbia Street Waterfront District, Brooklyn.
The blue vespa. I took the photo with the Open Camera App on my Motorola Moto e6.

There are times when I can only offer an approximate location of one of my photos. In this case, I can tell you the exact location of the blue vespa because of a certain landmark in the background. The building across the street from me in the photo is the Movimiento Iglesia Cristina Pentecoastal church on Summit Street between Columbia and Hicks. You can see the exact location in the photo below, courtesy of Open Street Maps:

Open Street Maps capture of Columbia Street Waterfront District centered on the Movimento Iglesia Cristiana Pentecostal church on Summit Street in Columbia Street Waterfront District, Brooklyn NY.
Map retrieved from Open Street Maps. See small blue circle marking location of the vespa. You can see a full version of the map and the surrounding area here.

For those who read my Summit Street Bridge article, you will see on the above map that the vespa was less than a block away from the foot of the bridge.

As for the blue vespa itself, I have little to add other than that blue is a good color for it and the seat looks a bit worn. There is a vespa shop (the only one that I know of in the area) within walking distance of where I found the blue vespa parked. Perhaps that was its next stop for repairs. Its color reminded me a bit of a photo I took of a mint bike in the melting snow not too far from where I found the vespa. You can see the mint bike in its own article.