Boats tend to disagree with me in a similar manner to the Roosevelt Island Tram. I would say that this is a reason why I have never had a boat but for the fact that there are many more obvious reasons why I have never had a boat. But while I am neither a boat rider nor regular boat passenger, I can appreciate nice boats and tugboats. I especially appreciate boats with good names. Brooklyn Bridge Park has a Marina that fills up in the warmer months (you can see it in the background in my short article about a duck). Because the Marina is close part of the path through the Park and one of the piers, passers by are in good position to read the names of the many boats. On May 31, 2023, I came across what may have been the most cleverly named boat I have seen docked at the Marina:

Photograph of a small white yacht docked at the Brooklyn Bridge Park Marina. Its name, "S-Cape," is rendered on its side.
Meet “S-cape”

S-cape. I see what they did there, but I did not initially see what they did there. It took be 10-15 seconds to put the “S” and “cape” together as “escape.” I know not who named the S-cape, but I tip my visor to whoever did so.

Before concluding, I will highlight a fun note related to one of my past photo posts hiding in my S-cape photo. Look at the center of the below image in the far background background. Behind the imposing yellow-ish rectangle building, way in the back, is a building that almost appears to have steps descending from its roof:

A photograph from Brooklyn Bridge Park Pier 5 zooming in on buildings in the distance in front of and behind the Brooklyn Bridge.
Look for the building that looks like it has steps descending from its roof.

I previously wrote an article about a boat-shaped playground seen on the deck of that (somewhat monstrous) luxury apartment building. While you cannot make out the boat from the far end of Brooklyn Bridge Park like you can from the Brooklyn Bridge (whence I took the photo for the boat playground article), you can see where the boat is.