I visited Crescent Bend Nature Park in San Antonio, Texas (Scherts). While looking at the scenery, I noticed something moving. Was it a rabbit? An opossum? As it gradually inched closer while snuffling through the grass, I noticed its distinctive scaly tale. It was, in fact, a small armadillo.

A small armadillo in the grass at Crescent Bend Nature Park.
The fact that the small animal in this photo is an armadillo is not entirely clear from the photo for two reasons. Firstly, the zoom on my Teracube 2e camera (see review) is limited, and I could not get too close to our distinctively Texan friend. Secondly, I am terrible at retouching photos. The fact I use Nomacs for this purpose says it all. But I did my best to make the armadillo pop a bit. While I cannot promise that you will see an armadillo (I can, however, promise that you will see many fire ants), I recommend visiting Crescent Bend Nature Park if you find yourself in the area.

This is the second armadillo appearance at The New Leaf Journal. The first appearance came in the inaugural Justin and Justina dialogue (our fictional dialogue duo), wherein Justina brought Justin a stuffed armadillo after he was injured in a minor traffic accident (Justina was immune to the dark humor of the stuffed animal choice).