Our 482nd New Leaf Journal article introduces a new page at The New Leaf Journal – our Running List of Every New Leaf Journal Article. You will find this article on that list at number 482.

I was inspired to create a list of every New Leaf Journal article by a blog post authored by Mr. Kev Quirk at his excellent personal blog. Mr. Quirk’s blog displayed his blog posts on the front page. Like The New Leaf Journal, he had limited the number of posts that displayed on the front page. Here at The New Leaf Journal, we show our most recent 6 articles (as of January 10, 2022, at least). Mr. Quirk displayed his most recent 10 posts. In The Pagination Predicament, Mr. Quirk removed pagination from his first page, displaying all of his posts on the first page.

While Mr. Quirk suggested that the change would benefit ordinary readers, he explained that he also had ulterior motives. Some SEO (search engine optimization gurus) have opined that posts that are closer to the first page of a website are looked upon more favorably by search engines.

For a variety of reasons, I decided not to remove pagination from our front page or archive pages. But Mr. Quirk’s essay did make me consider that many of our older posts are buried, very far from the top of our site. Moreover, even though I tend to include back-links to old content diligently, with nearly 500 posts, many become lost in the shuffle.

It was for this reason that I created our running post archive, which will always be one click away from the homepage.

While I am not sure how useful our running archive will be for readers, it may be fun to scroll through. The page includes the full titles and date of publication of every New Leaf Journal post. In addition to scrolling through from April 2020 to the present to find titles that catch your attention, you can also search for words of interest to see if they have been used in our headlines.

I hope you enjoy the archive – not least because it took me several days (and late nights) to put together. You can see a screenshot of what it looked like in my Ghostwriter markdown editor before I moved it to the site.

List of every New Leaf Journal article in the Ghostwriter markdown editor.
I had several days of work ahead of me… I wrote about the window border theme in a separate post.

Now let us hope the search engines appreciate the effort.