In normal times, masks are a Halloween fixture. In our Wuhan Virus-plagued times, different sorts of masks have become a fixture across the United States. Given the crossover, one might expect to find some clever Halloween decorations incorporating the cloth and surgical masks that have become omnipresent in our day-to-day life. At least in Brooklyn, I have not come across too many crossover masks for Halloween. Below, however, you will find a clever Halloween decoration – a pumpkin (not Victor’s Pumpkin) wearing a cloth mask:

A pumpkin on a stoop wearing a protecting cloth mask, affixed to its face by two plastic hands, for Halloween.
I took the photo with my KODAK Digital Still Camera. Edited for publication by Victor V. Gurbo.

I dare say that the distinguished pumpkin on a stoop pictured above is the finest Halloween pumpkin I have seen this season. The mask itself is good, but note that the mask is held to the pumpkin’s face by the pumpkin’s hands. Why does the pumpkin have hands? Does it only have hands so it can wear a mask? I am not sure – but it is clear to me from looking at this that more pumpkins should have hands. For all of its good qualities, I suppose the pumpkin can be forgiven for wearing the mask below its nose.

Following up on my recent expose on an inflatable happy Halloween ghost, the masked pumpkin with hands was surrounded by less tasteful Halloween decorations. I said my piece on those less tasteful Halloween ornaments in my previous piece. Today, I offer the pumpkin with a mask and hands a high-five for a job well-done.